Saturday, August 21, 2010

Overdubs and Elijah Conference - Day 4

We were back at the studio first thing this morning for overdubs. If yesterday was the landscape of the painting - the grass, water, and sky - then the overdubs are the flowers and other decorative flourishes that are scattered over the canvas.

Scott was our 'utility' player. He brought pedal steel, mandolin, and dobro and added parts to four of Gerald's songs. In a short 2 hours, the songs had been brought to yet another level. Just beautiful! Can't wait for the vocal sessions next week. (We're not doing our own vocals. Instead, we've hired some amazing country singers. It's going to be great!)

After the session, Gerald and I drove to Grace Nazarene for the final sessions of the Elijah Conference. Allison was giving everyone one more chance to sing today. I hadn't been able to sing yet, so Gerald and I did two songs - "A Church Song Broke Me Down" and "Give Me Jesus." Allison was pretty gentle with us, but gave us some great feedback.

The conference ended with a blessing, lots of hugs, and plans to meet up on facebook.

We left the church and walked out into a wild thunderstorm, which we took as a sign to stay in for the evening. It's been a crazy four days, and tomorrow will be early for me, so a quiet night was just the ticket.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear it!!!


Allison Lynn said...

It's really good! I'm going to post photos on my site and facebook when I get back - no time to do it while we're here! :)