Friday, December 04, 2009

St. Barnabas, Peterborough

(Very, very late and very, very tired. Will probably post this after the fact...)

Tonight's concert was awesome! We were invited to sing at St. Barnabas Anglican in Peterborough - a new church and a new area for us. The music was a mix of old and new, Gospel and Christmas, with a little Country thrown in for good measure.

We came up with a new program tonight, and I think it really worked. In addition to mixing Gospel and Christmas, we also did a mix of acoustic songs and songs with tracks. We ended it all with an "authentic" Victorian caroling experience. And let me tell you - these people could sing! I found out after that several of the choir members were in the audience, which explained the gorgeous harmonies.

Tonight was also the first night I was able to sell "Hymns in the Key of Grace." It felt so good to see it on the table!

We've already been invited back to St. Barnabas for next December. Yay!

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Anonymous said...

As one of the choir members at the concert tht night I can tell you that we thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to next year wiht a full house this time!