Sunday, November 22, 2009

Faith Gospel Tabernacle & St. John's York Mills

Today was a 2 church day.

We already had Faith Gospel Tabernacle in Brampton booked when we were contacted about working at St. John's, so we did Faith Gospel this morning and St. John's tonight. What a day!

Faith Gospel is a growing church - literally! When I was there a few years ago, they were just talking about their new building, but when we drove into the parking lot yesterday, we could see the huge frame of the new sanctuary. They have a full praise team, but each week they invite guest artists to sing 2 songs for each of their morning services. We opened with "Do You Wanna Be My Neighbour in Gloryland" and closed with "Give Me Jesus". This is a friendly and encouraging congregation, and we met lots of wonderful people. We've been invited back for one of their monthly Gospel concerts, so hopefully, we can work that out.

The morning started early (up at 6:30!!) and ran long, so after a short afternoon nap, we got ready for the evening service. Monique is away this week, so Gerald and I were on our own for leading the music. We invited Monika to join us on harmonies, so that was all good. We did some great praise songs - "Blessed Be Your Name," "In Christ Alone," and "Amazing Love" - and we also introduced a new chorus Gerald wrote based on John 3:16. And here's where God had to be stepping in - even though we didn't plan this, part of Drew's message was based on John 3:16! I love it when that happens!

We're feeling more and more comfortable at St. John's. We have a lot of support, and we're excited about Advent - it's just around the corner!

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