Friday, February 20, 2009

My new CD is official!

I've mentioned that I'm working on a new hymns CD, but I feel I can 'officially' announce it today, as the last major piece of the puzzle has landed in place.

This morning, Gerald and I met with Teri Reid to discuss her involvement in the project. Teri is the daughter of Miss Mary Tom (Speer) Reid, and an awesome singer and pianist in her own right. I met Teri at Stamps-Baxter where she bravely teaches our children's class. Teri has done some amazing things in her career, but what caught my ear was her jazz piano.

For this CD, I want to do 12 classic hymns in intimate piano-vocal arrangements. Teri and I both love Gospel, both love Jazz, and we really get along well, so she was an easy choice for this project.

We met today and talked about the music and the purpose of the album. We batted around song titles and thoughts on the musical direction. And we planned out our next few steps.

I've been planning this project for a few months, but as of today, it feels like we're really on the path to making it happen! Sooo excited!!!

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