Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Let's Dance

I just read this awesome quote and had to share:

We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. ~ Japanese Proverb

Made me smile!

Things have been busy. I'm continuing to book dates for our May/June visit to Ontario, as well as some local gigs here in Nashville. This weekend, we're going to play for the Family Affair Ministry's women's retreat. It's a last minute thing, so it's a little crazy pulling it all together, but we're also very excited about working with this awesome church.

Last Thursday, Gerald had an amazing mentoring session. They're just weeks away from going in the studio to record some demos and start the 'shopping' process. Originally, we were going to do full band demos, which you can also call very-expensive-and-therefore-stressful demos. But apparently, a lot of cuts these days are coming from great guitar-vocal demos. Still done in a studio with killer musicians, but having fewer people in the studio means less money and less stress. Big yay on both accounts! This change will cut our budget in half and will also mean Gerald can probably record 5 songs instead of 3. More yay!

I sang on the praise team Sunday. It was one of those mornings when nothing quite felt rehearsed by the time the first service started. But God still had His way, and it was awesome. I was the cantor for the beautiful Psalm 30 which contains the lines, "Weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning." For those that know my experience with grief, you can imagine how much it meant to me to sing this message. It was one of those things that was both difficult and amazingly satisfying. In the second service, at the end of the song, someone from the audience spoke out in the silence and said, "Amen." That just shook me. I know it had nothing to do with me or Jenna or the tune, but that God was using all of these things to express His peace and comfort to someone who needed it. Amen, indeed!

Today is a writing day. Gerald is upstairs having a (very long) co-writing session. I finished a Song U course earlier, and I just finished working on a few new lyrics using my free 30 day trial of Masterwriter. This is an amazing songwriting program that allows you to organize your lyrics and music, while also putting a whole bunch of tools right in front of you - rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, word families, and a complete Bible, to name a few. I've been working non-stop all day, and I've reached the point where nothing good is coming out anymore. My brain is now like vanilla pudding, and I feel it's probably time for an afternoon espresso!

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