Saturday, March 29, 2008

WAJ Tomorrow

For the uninitiated, WAJ stands for Write About Jesus. WAJ is usually an awesome three day Christian songwriting workshop held in Missouri each October, but tomorrow, they're holding their first ever one day Nashville workshop. Gerald and I are both going - so excited!

I've spent the week studying the schedule and choosing my classes. At each of the seven one-hour sessions, you will be able to choose between taking a lecture or attending an open critique. There are 4-5 lectures per hour, so there's going to be lots of choice. Some of the topics are broad, like melody, lyrics, or structure, and some focus in on specific genres like Southern Gospel or country. There are also a few classes on demos and the business of songwriting.

I'm planning to attend three critiques, but I think Gerald will probably focus on this. We've spent tonight culling his 100 songs down to 20 songs and then again down to 8. We have demos, lyric sheets, and everything else you need for a good critique.

There's going to be a lecture on writing musicals, so I'll be front row for that one. Sooo looking forward to tomorrow!!!

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