Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Garage Band

Mom and Dad are here! They've come for a week, and I couldn't be more excited!

On a practical musical note, I've finally learned how to use Garage Band! I needed a demo for a co-write I did this winter. My co-writer sent me a piano track, and a friend was supposed to help me do the vocal, but things fell through at the last minute. So last night, after everyone was in bed, I stayed up til 3 in the morning learning how to use Garage Band. Every other writer in the country is able to use it, so I figured it mustn't be that hard to work it out myself. I did a test last night, and then recorded the vocal today. I'm not very techno-savvy, so I'm very proud of myself!

Write About Jesus is this Saturday, so Gerald and I want to have lots of demos ready for the critiquing sessions. Other than that, this whole week is all about family!

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Unknown said...

I use Garage Band for the sermon podcasts now. It is sooooo cool.