Saturday, January 19, 2008

Steve Seskin, in concert.

Gerald is doing a workshop this weekend with country songwriter, Steve Seskin. I think this is going to be great for him. Gerald is too advanced for most workshops. He doesn't need to hear the basics of rhyme schemes and song structures. He needs mentoring. This weekend will be a small group, and, on Monday, he'll have a one-on-one with Steve Seskin himself. Awesome!

Tonight, Steve did a solo show at Douglas Corner, a small club just south of downtown. (At least, I think that's where it is. I'm still trying to navigate this city!) You usually only see rounds in songwriter clubs, so this was a real treat. He did 2 60-minute sets, with nothing but a guitar. He took requests from the audience, and told the story behind each song.

There were 2 things that I loved about tonight:

#1. The songs were very positive, very encouraging. He has this one song called "Use Mine" - A little boy wants a bike; the Dad can't afford it so he gives his bike to his son saying "Use mine"; later, the Dad is ill and has no strength, so the son says, "Use mine". Oh! Just broke my heart. And other great song was about how everyone has mountains to climb, but some people's mountains "are steeper than mine". And then were was "Don't Laugh at Me", which has become an anti-bullying anthem. Loved it!

And #2. Every time Steve sang a song, he just opened his heart to the audience. He sang like his life depended on it - passionate, immediate, generous. He doesn't have a perfect voice, but he was just so authentic you couldn't help but listen to the stories he sang.

Tonight was great! We've made a New Year's Resolution to go out and hear live music at least once a week. We were doing it for a while, but then I started working and making the CD, so staying in at night became a better option.

Now that our first year has flown by, I am more conscious than ever of our very short visa. "Green cards" is also on that list of Resolutions. Start praying for us!

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