Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting things done...

It's been a mixed kind of weekend - My first real quiet days in ages, while also trying to catch up on a backlog of administrative stuff.

I'm sending out copies of Real Big Fan to all our songwriters, as well as to some people who've been very supportive of me since coming to Nashville. Still have a few more addresses to collect, but I got most of that done.

I've been asked to write an article about the Stamps-Baxter School for It was due today, so this weekend was about getting the opinions of the 'trusted few' and making all those final tweaks. I think it might be out next month?

I'm still on as Artistic Director of Music on the Hill, the lunchtime concert series at St. John's York Mills Church. Our grant application is due a month earlier than expected, so I'm having to rush things a little. I have 18 concerts to book. Most of them are in place, but it's always finicky having to balance the different shows, and then collecting all the info needed for the grant application. I love doing this; it just requires a lot of work.

The Christian DIVAs are taking on a group project: a compilation CD. We each gave in 2 songs, and we're each paying a little for mastering and manufacturing. It's the first time the group has done anything like this, and I'm so happy my new songs were done in time to be included.

This week, I have a few large goals (including finishing the Music on the Hill booking):
- I need to set up Real Big Fan for online sales.
- Gerald and I need to have a meeting so we can decide how we're going to approach booking.
- I need to set up the large run of 1000 CDs.

I also want to start sending out press releases about the new CD. I've compiled a list of Southern Gospel news websites, so now I'll just need to work on the content of the actual release. I've been studying different articles, etc, for several months, and I have some people I can go to for advice.

The other thing I need to start working on is finding some creative time! In the last few months, every second of creativity went into the CD (as it should!). But now, I want to make time for writing and painting and all that good stuff that will 'fill the well'. I want to take Song U courses and visit the Frist and paint the living room. Very excited about all of it!


Unknown said...

It was great to see you back in church on Sunday! I know you are really busy, and I am looking forward to buying the new CD.

Anonymous said...

Miss you but loving FL! So much to tell you!! And we'll do dinner next week to discuss booking and stuff! Love ya!