Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Paula Stefanovich at NSAI

I am loving Christian writer's night at NSAI! First off, it's just always a great place to meet people and see a familiar face. Secondly, it's always a smaller group, so you get more interactive time with the guests. But thirdly, unlike most Christian music workshops in the city, NSAI has been bringing in a bunch of Southern Gospel people, which is awesome!

Tonight's guest speaker was songwriter Paula Stefanovich, who is best known for her Hoppers' hit, "Jerusalem". I also saw Paula perform at NQC, where she brought the house down at an afternoon showcase. The guest speaker night's are arranged in an interview format, and then webcast for NSAI members.

Paula is sweet and charming, but when she talks about writing songs for the church, she is intense and passionate. She believes very strongly in writing songs that the church congregation can sing. She does write for the choir, but believes that in Heaven, we're all going to be part of the choir, so we might as well all get to sing along now.

They played some of her songs, which were all great, and then she turned to the keyboard and sang a new song called "Gospel To The World". It's an awesome lyric which talks about all the earthly things Jesus left behind - the silver to Judas, His mother to the apostles - but He also left the Gospel to the World. So good!

I left tonight so inspired! It was a small crowd, but I think everyone was moved by Paula's commitment to great songs that can really serve the church and its people. It reminded me to keep things simple, scriptural, and singable.

Once things get settled with the recording process, I'm looking forward to finding some quiet writing time again... and it's good to be craving that!


Anonymous said...

I just heard her song "Jerusalem" done with her voice and a choir. Please help me find this CD, it is wonderful. I have heard the Hoppers do this, but want to find hers. Thank you, and I will be praying for you in your search for God's plan for you.

Anonymous said...

Paula sang Jerusalem at Northeast Christian Church in Lexington KY with their choir. This is where I first heard the song and fell in love with it. You might be able to order the CD from the church, but I am not sure if they still have them or not.

Anonymous said...

Paula is AMAZING. A truly talented song writer and performer. We miss her SO MUCH at Northeast in Lexington, KY. Hope you are well Paula! God Bless! :)

Unknown said...

You do not know me, but I visited several times at Northeast , being a member of Southland but just loving to hear your arrangements. I am still enjoying a CD the choir did with the song, "Shall we Dance on the Golden Shore?" on it; did you write that one? I just hadn't heard it before. You are so blessed with talent; I'm so sorry that you left Lexington, but your music is still blessing us.

Anonymous said...

Paula is a performer with God's heart to be sure, but note, performer is before God's heart.

Unknown said...

I just wanna know if Paula is a unitarian or trinitarion. Her song 'Yahweh' is so great

Jd33567890 said...

Go to to order cds