Saturday, May 19, 2007

Under the cover of darkness...

I hate to start with a complaint, but I have had an ongoing battle with my allergies all week. I've been dying to plant a garden, but I literally couldn't spend the time outside. The heat and the pollen were overwhelming! So over the last 2 nights, under the cover of darkness, I broke ground and planted my garden. It's not very big - just 4 hanging baskets and 2 small beds, all pink, white, and blue - but it's so pretty! At the risk of sounding punny, I feel like I put down my own roots in Nashville this week.

My dear friend, Kimberlee, who is also the organizer of the CWE nights, had a solo show tonight. Kimberlee is an amazing singer, who recently had such severe voice problems that she had to take a complete year off from singing. She's just getting back at it, so tonight was a brave move.

A few days ago, she asked if I'd sing a few songs. I was thrilled, but given the state of my allergies, I was also a little nervous. My head, nose, and throat have been pretty awful. I decided to only do 2 songs: "The Wedding at Cana" and "Sing Me a Song". They're not necessarily easy songs, but I feel very confident with them, and sometimes, that's easier than 'easy'.

Both songs went well, and were very well received. Kimberlee did a great set with one original gospel song, and covers of some soulful R&B classics. She had a strong combo put together with keyboard, bass, and 2 harmony singers. She should definitely do more gigs with this group!

The night was wrapped up by April, another CWE alumnus. As usual, all the CWE girls chatted long after the show. I'm finding this group to be such a support for me. Not only am I getting opportunities to play, but I feel like I'm part of a real community. I may also have a new co-writer for the summer! Yay, Nashville!

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