Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cafe Forte & Rick Cua

Cafe Forte has become my favourite place to spend a Monday night. It's always great music, and you can meet some really cool people there too.

Since I've been going, the format has been a 30 minute set by one artist, 30 minutes of fellowship/networking time, and another 30 minute set by a second artist. The organizers have decided to start switching up the format so they can meet more of their ministry goals, and tonight was one of those first switch-ups.

Our feature artist tonight was Rick Cua, who has had a lengthy career as a bass player, band leader, and songwriter. He was joined by guitarist, singer-songwriter Tony Hooper. Other than visiting Rick's site this afternoon, I'd never heard of Rick or Tony, but I quickly fell in love with their music. Great melodies, great vibe, and lots of soul!

After a few songs, our host, Jeremy, grabbed the mic and started to interview Rick, and this became the format for the evening. A few great songs, and a few questions to help us learn, not just more about Rick, but more about the skills and talents needed to build a lasting career. After a while, they opened it up for questions from the floor. I asked about Rick's program of sharing free music with churches, which was really fascinating.

We had such a great night! Awesome music, and great info, and just incredible people. We even met a couple from BC who are here recording an album. I guess all musicians have to come here eventually!

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