Monday, April 16, 2007

The Isaacs in concert!

We are hosting our first Canadian house guests here in Nashville - my in-laws are here for a visit. But I'm very aware that we are not the only attraction here in Tennessee, for tonight, we all headed off to a very special treat - The Isaacs!

We first heard the Isaacs in the Gaither concerts, and it's always one of the highlights for us. But tonight, we got to see them in an intimate, full-length concert, and it was great.

The family has a wonderful stage presence, with lots of joking and loving, and I think a lot of that is lost in the large auditoriums. Tonight's concert was at College Heights Baptist Church in Gallatin (just outside Nashville). They had a great venue with an enthusiastic audience, and that combination led to a great show.

They have just put out a new album, so the show was a mix of classic and new material. In this intimate setting, even the old songs seemed to take on new meaning. I've heard "Yours and Mine" many times, and I always love it, but tonight I could really see the intimacy of the mother singing to her daughters, and it was just beautiful. Of course, since moving to Nashville, this song just makes me homesick...

Because it was Nashville, the audience was full of musicians, so they started pulling people up. I couldn't catch all the names, but at one point, there were 10 people on stage performing an impromptu arrangement of "In the Garden". The Florida Boys' Gene MacDonald was pulled up to sing bass, and I just love his voice! The whole song was terrific, and it received the only single song standing ovation of the night.

The whole show was awesome, and, as all great shows should be, it was inspiring. Gerald and I left hungry to play, write, and sing. And that's all we ever ask from a show.

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