Saturday, April 21, 2007

CWE Showcase at Caffiene

Tonight, I was blessed to perform at this month's CWE (Christian Women of Entertainment) songwriter showcase. I got involved with this group in March, and I'm just loving it. There are monthly showcases, and next month, they're hosting a fellowship night.

Tonight's show was at Caffeine, which is a great cafe on Demonbreun. It was extra special to have Gerald play with me tonight, because we used to visit Caffeine on our honeymoon!

It's an intimate venue, and tonight, it was packed! Some people stayed the whole night; some came and went; but it was full for the whole show. I felt very lucky that I actually had people there to see me - 6 Shoutlife friends came to see the show! Yay, Shoutlife!

I started with "Infinitely More". Then Gerald joined me for "My Father's Arms". Then I booted Gerald off the stage so I could do "Sing Me a Song, Sing Me a Lullaby". I was happy with all the performances.

We met some great people tonight, heard some good music, and got some really wonderful feedback on the songs. But I must get some sleep tonight - GMA Week starts bright and early tomorrow morning!

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