Thursday, November 16, 2006

Getting stuff done...

Most of today was all about prepping for tomorrow. We've spent hours figuring out what we want in an apartment. After all, we haven't rented for years, and lots of things are different here. For example, most places have a "pet fee", which is a non-refundable deposit of several hundred dollars, plus $10-20 added to each month's rent. Clearly, we will have to find a place that's pet friendly. Some places have breed restrictions, but no one is very worried about a poofy pomchi!

So today, we short-listed apartments, and I've set up 5 viewings for tomorrow. All have pools and fitness centres. And 2 bathrooms - a necessity for the survival of our marriage!

After a very late lunch, we headed over to Gruhn's Guitars - Gerald's favourite place in Nashville. It's very specialized and high-end, kind of like 12th Fret in Toronto. We spent hoooours in there! I found a really tiny little Martin that I just love. It's small and sturdy, even smaller than a parlour size. It would be good for teaching, but the real draw would be traveling. Throw it in a soft case and you can take it on an airplane. After my airplane tragedy this summer, that's a pretty sweet option.

Gerald has fallen in love with Taylor's T5 - a unique guitar that can be played as an acoustic, and then, with the flick of a switch, it becomes an electric guitar. I played it too, and we tried a nice echo-effect on "Jesus Loves Me". Just haunting. It even makes me sound like a great player! Santa, if you're listening...

Tomorrow's going to be long and late, so tonight is going to be quiet and early.

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