Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Almost home...

We had great plans for today, but they were all pushed aside as we tried to secure our apartment! Word to the wise: For all you Canadians hoping to rent an apartment in the States, bring all your financial records with you! Seriously, it was easier to buy a house in Toronto than it was to rent a place here in Nashville.

We had hours of long distance phone calls, and faxing documents back and forth. There was nothing wrong with our records; it was just a matter of collecting all the stuff they required. Finally, at 4:55pm, we got the call that we had been approved!

We celebrated with dinner in a great Indian restaurant. We were seriously afraid that Nashville would only provide us with deep-fried chicken and barbeque (not that there's anything wrong with that!). But if you keep your eyes open, there's some great ethnic food around here.

Tomorrow, we get the electricity hooked up, and then we're good to move in! This is such a relief for us. We'll get settled in now, go home for Christmas, and when we do come back for our longer stay, our home will be here waiting for us. And now - decorating!

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