Friday, November 18, 2005

Marilyn and Jazz

Tonight will be a quick post as it's late and tomorrow is another performing day.

This week has just been a string of interesting gigs. Sunday was church singing. Then, for the next three nights, I sang jazz at the Old Mill. Sooo gorgeous there! My beautiful friend, Moni, usually sings there, but she's away and gave me the opportunity to sub in for her. (My honour!) It's a pretty relaxed gig, as I was not the lead singer, but more like a "girl singer". (The trio was drums, sax/flute/clarinet, and keyboard with tracks.) I would come forward for a few songs a set, and then just sit back and listen to the music for the rest of the time. I did some of my favourites, including What a Wonderful World, and Don't Get Around Much Anymore. I was a little nervous the first night. At the risk of sounding like a snob, I'm used to doing these songs with a full big band behind me. When it's just a trio, you're so much more exposed. Also, we were improvising, something that never really happens in a big band situation. It's been a while since I've done any of that kind of stuff. But after the first night, I started to relax into it and I really had a great time. The crowds were small, but generally appreciative. Singing great songs in a gorgeous room wearing an evening gown - rough life!

But the last two days have just been extraordinary - and I mean that in the "strange" sense of the word. For the last two days, I have worked as a Marilyn Monroe look-alike. Crazy! It was for a convention, and I was hired by a company to pose for pictures. They do photography, and thought it would be a great way to bring people over to their booth. They were right!

I rented a dress, bought a wig, and copied the make-up off a photo. I thought I'd have to do some singing and character work, but all they wanted was photos. No one wanted to talk to Marilyn. They just wanted to talk to me-in-a-funny-costume. It was just plain fun. My whole day was smiling and posing (talk about working with my strong points!). It was a little tiring to be in a wig and heels all day, but other than that, what a way to make my Christmas shopping money!

I don't know how much I actually looked like Marilyn, but I definitely had some great poses. The clients were really happy, and the crowds had a great time. And now that I have the wig and the make-up down, I'd definitely do it again!

Have I said recently how much I like my job?

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