Sunday, November 20, 2005

Angel songs.

What a great weekend!

This weekend, Gerald and I performed two shows each at Toronto's newest craft show, Angel Wings Over Toronto. The idea was to have an entire show filled with angel inspired crafts and things. I'm a huge angel lover, so my friend sent me a link to their site. Well, of course, I got so excited that I called them to see if I could sing at the show. Not only did I get hired, but they offered Gerald a spot as well.

Toronto has so many craft shows at this time of year, and I think they felt the competition. Turnout was not as high as expected. But the people we met were amazing. Great talents and great spirits. They really loved our music, and I think we may have met a lady who will help us find our wedding bands. (It's getting so close!)

Gerald did a set of his own songs, mixed in with some country and gospel tunes. He didn't intend to have a gospel set, but most of his songs ended up with some kind of God reference in them. (Mysterious ways...) He did his arrangement of "People Get Ready", which I just love. So soulful! And a great version of Elvis's "If I Can Dream". Of course, I think this song sounds better as a duet with a girl singer, preferably a red-head with stunning blue eyes and attitude to boot, but I digress. In his originals, he did "Perfect Picture", which always makes me swoon, and "Do You Trust the Wings God Gave You", which always makes me cry. He was just awesome! (so proud!!!)

My set was entirely inspired by angels. I found angel songs in lots of different areas of music, and build a little concert around them. Gerald played beautiful finger-style guitar for most of the songs. I did lots of traditional carols, like "Hark the Herald" and "Angels We Have Heard on High". I did old songs like "Rusty Old Halo" (which always makes me smile!) and "Angel Band". I did "The Huron Carol" with Gerald on djembe, and "Of the Father's Love Begotten" acapella.

Some of the songs were entirely about angels, like "Gabriel's Message", and some just had angel references, like "Silent Night". We did a ripping version of Ray Overholt's "Ten Thousand Angels". I thought it was important to show that the angels were not just around at Christmas, as this song sings about the passion of Christ. I also did "I Call Out Your Name", so we'd be doing a song off the cd.

I'm feeling great strength when I perform these days. I've given God complete control over my career, and when I get in a position like today, I feel his blessing on what I'm doing. Today wasn't a church, and not all my songs were Christian. But I still felt like I was representing God and his grace. People really responded to what we were doing, and I'm sure that that was God's work and not mine. It all felt awesome.

I now need a few days of rest. I'm quite sure I won't get them, but a girl's got to try!

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