Saturday, June 25, 2005

A songwriting inspiration...

So, as a new songwriter, I'm learning the pains of birthing a song. I have four songs worthy of singing in public, and I'm wondering what I'm supposed to do with all the other scraps of songs, and how come my four songs aren't flying out the door and into other churches?

Then I got David Phelps's email about his new cd. He wrote 35 songs and listened to 20 submitted songs before choosing his final 12. He would spend 3 days a week writing, and 2 performing.
Lesson: Write lots to find the precious few.

Then I was doing some research on Thomas A. Dorsey, who penned my favourite gospel song - Peace in the Valley. Early on, he sent 500 copies of his song "If You See my Savior" to churches around the country. It took 3 years before he got a single order for the song.
Lesson - If the song is good, people will find it and sing it.

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