Monday, April 03, 2023

Guest Post - Every Day Is Easter, by Rev. Hollis Hiscock

Please welcome my Dad - Rev. Hollis Hiscock - as today's guest blogger!

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Every Day Is Easter
By Rev. Hollis Hiscock

Every day is a mini-Easter,” intoned the university professor, noticing the stone-faced students he hoped to impress with his stark dramatic revelation.

His words have remained with me since hearing them nearly 60 years ago. 

I recall little else about the professor or the class, but his quote became etched on my psyche because of its insightful eye opener and sustainability. 

Indeed if “every day is a mini-Easter” then the annual celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead must be our “maximum” Easter.

As we approach Easter 2023, let this be our Easter message to ourselves and every person with whom we come in contact.

Let us do it because …

We are the Easter people,
touched by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We are God’s church in the world,
namely the outward visible signs of
God’s unconditional love for all people.

We are ambassadors of Jesus,
presenting the good news of his gospel to others
and pointing them to God.

We do it because Christ is risen,
because he has overcome sin, temptation, suffering and death –
every obstacle preventing individuals from having a living relationship with God.

Jesus/God did it because of love, and we respond for the same reason. 

That is why we celebrate Easter with great joy, jubilation, hope and assurance.

That is why we share, by word and action, the marvellous news that
“Jesus Christ is risen from the dead, Alleluia!”

Happy Easter to you and yours!  

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Next month, Reverend Hollis Hiscock will be awarded the Doctor of Divinity D.D. (honoris causa) by Queen's College, Newfoundland, in recognition of his years of leadership and service to the Anglican Church.   

You can read the official announcement HERE

Hollis is currently serving as Interim Priest-in-Charge of St. John’s Church, Burlington, Ontario. 

You can find their Easter services HERE.

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