Thursday, March 31, 2022

Book Review: Shaped by the Waves, by Christina Suzann Nelson

Is anyone else a sucker for books set by the sea?

As a girl who grew up by the ocean,
I was captured by the title of Shaped by the Waves,
and hooked from the first chapter.

Cassie is a young single mom, struggling to complete her doctorate, raise her energetic little girl, Lark, and, quite frankly, find a way to leave her broken past. She left her small seaside town in Oregon for a fresh start in California, but a single phone changes everything. Shasta, the aunt who raised her, is facing a desperate health crisis, and Cassie realizes it's time to go home and face her past.

Cassie arrives home and begins to care for Shasta, but before long, a mysterious package arrives. It's filled with anonymously written pages telling the story of a woman's life, marriage, and child. But who sent it? And what does this have to do with Cassie?

When I first started Shaped by the Waves, I assumed it would be a straightforward telling of "There's no place like home", but the anonymously written confession really takes this story in a whole new direction. I found myself completely sucked in by the woman's story, the mystery of who sent it, and how it all tied into the main storyline.

There's so much to love about this book! The characters and setting are all beautifully fleshed out, with relationships that are both realistic and inspirational. The issue of faith is treated with a delicate hand - present, but never preachy. 

Oh, it's so clear that Christina Suzann Nelson looooves coffee! One of the central settings is the family cafe. The descriptions of making, smelling, and tasting cappuccinos and lattes sent me downstairs to my own machine more than once! And let me tell you, if I ever discover Christina actually hates coffee, I'll be even more impressed with her writing skills! 

With summer coming up, Shaped by the Waves 
will be a great addition to your seaside reading list!

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