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Book Review: A Deep Divide, by Kimberley Woodhouse

You know sometimes, you order a book, and by the time to get around to reading it, you can't really remember why you ordered it to begin with? I mean, there must have been a reason you chose it, but you just can't put your finger on it?

Well, that was me when I finally sat down to read A Deep Divide

BUT, by the time I finished the first chapter, I was HOOKED!

No spoilers, but the first chapter grabbed me, and the story didn't let go from there. It's not a rip-wild thriller or anything like that - it's a story with great characters, an incredible setting, truly interesting history, and a fast moving plot that keeps moving along at the perfect pace.

Our heroine, Emma Grace McMurray, is a late-Victorian-era American heiress. Early childhood trauma sets her on a dramatic path that takes her all the way to the "Wild West" of the Grand Canyon.

Her epic journey involves hiding in plain sight, learning a whole new way of life, and discovering the power of trust and honesty.

(And yes, if you read my recent review for Every Word Unsaid, you'll feel a bit of a crossover theme of travel, adventure, secret identities, and Victorian photography!)

Harvey Girls in original uniforms

As always, I love how historical fiction introduces us to fascinating chapters of real life history. In the 1800's, Fred Harvey built a chain of hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses beside railroads across America. He essentially invented the American chain restaurant and helped develop tourism in the "wild" west. In a century where women's roles were limited, the Harvey House hotels and restaurants offered respectable and well-paying work to single women. The "Harvey Girls" were highly trained, with a reputation for impeccable hospitality. They even inspired a Judy Garland musical! Emma Grace finds work and independence as a Harvey Girl at the very real, and still operating, El Tovar hotel. 

I really loved this whole story! The setting - both in time and location - were beautiful and fascinating. The history made me dig deeper into the real-life people and places. I loved the characters and was truly rooting for all them. Most of all, the plot kept me guessing, and ended in a very satisfying conclusion. 

What else could you want from a novel?

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El Tovar Hotel, in the early 1900's (source: Wikipedia

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