Thursday, July 09, 2020

Book Review: Losing Control, by Mark Smeby

I mentioned in last week's 2020 Mid-Year Book List 
that I'd be posting a review soon, and here 'tis!

I first met Mark Smeby when we sang on the same worship team in Nashville. I loved his voice, and since that time, I've come to appreciate the breadth of his talents as a singer, songwriter, performer, and author.

Earlier this year, he sent out an announcement that he was writing a new book, and seeking volunteers to be part of his reading team. I jumped at the chance! Week by week, our group would receive chapters as they were written. We were invited to share our stories and thoughts in a Facebook group, and would then receive revisions based on that feedback.

Since I was able to see a bit of the "work in progress," I really wanted to share a review and let you know about this new project!

Losing Control is written for control freaks (can I get a witness?) and the better life that awaits when we learn to let go and let God. I can't think of a better time to release this book than now. Who hasn't been struggling with a loss of control these days? Health, finances, plans, dreams - everything has been turned upside-down. Wouldn't it be great if we could truly surrender all our stress to God and live in true freedom? 

Mark defines this process in two steps:

#1. "Accept the Mess - Surrender to life as it is"
#2. "Be Willing to Create a New Mess - Use courage to live from the heart"

Through personal testimony and studied resources, Mark shares his own journey of "losing control" and finding a more generous and loving way to live. In his own words, "This book is a giant dose of grace ....", and who couldn't use more of that these days! 

Each chapter ends with helpful questions for personal reflection. And remember how I mentioned sharing our stories in the Facebook group? Well, each chapter also ends with a personal story from a group member.

I had two strong impressions when reading Losing Control:

#1. Mark's ministry has shared a powerful message of "Hope" for many years, and I feel like this book is a natural extension of this ministry. If you enjoy his writing, I recommend you look deeper into his music and, of course, go see him live when artists can tour again!

#2. About halfway through the book, Mark begins to share stories of his many years working in prison ministry. Honestly, these were my absolute favourite parts of the book! I would love to see Mark's next book explore this challenging and inspiring ministry.

Thanks, Mark, for sharing your story, 
and for allowing so many of us to be part of your reading team!

Losing Control is available as a hardcopy or as an audiobook, 
Mark is very generously offering a FREE PDF of the book!

Please visit his website for more details:

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