Monday, May 25, 2020

Book Review: Don't Overthink It, by Anne Bogel

Two book reviews in a week?

And now you know how I'm spending my time in lockdown...

As I've recently shared with you, I've been reading a LOT this season! I'm really leaning into fiction, but I couldn't resist the chance to read Anne Bogel's new nonfiction: Don't Overthink It.

I've been a superfan of Anne's since I reviewed her charming book, I'd Rather Be Reading. Since then I've become an avid reader of her blog, and a lover of her fantastic book lists!

In the era of Covid-19, overthinking has almost become a national pastime. Who among us has not obsessed over daily stat-checking, worst case scenarios, and the constant worrying of an uncertain future?

This book wasn't written in the pandemic, 
but I think it landed at just the right time.

If you don't consider yourself an overthinker, Anne opens with this idea to ponder:

"When we talk about overthinking, we're talking about those times when we lavish mental energy on things that don't deserve it." 

Overthinking can look like worry, fretting the small stuff, second guessing, and indecision. Chapter by chapter, Anne looks at all the different facets of overthinking, exploring causes and discovering solutions.

Anne's topic is well researched, with scientific references and a great suggested reading list. Each page is filled with helpful suggestions, and each chapter ends with questions for personal reflection. But even with all that practicality, this is still a charming and personable book. Anne is honest about her own struggles with overthinking, sharing examples from her life. She communicates her ideas in the way that a warm, smart friend might share her thoughts over coffee.

I was struck by the idea of how much mental energy we waste on overthinking. 

The very first lines of the book are a quote from Proverbs:

Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life.
Proverbs 4:23

In this global pandemic, it's easy for our thoughts to be ones of worry, stress, and fear. 
Don't Overthink It offers us a different choice.
As the lockdown is forcing us all to slow down, let's use this time to choose a new normal.
Let's choose something better for ourselves...

If you love added content, visit Anne's page 
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