Monday, July 31, 2017

Help Us Make Our New CD!

This week, we launched a new page on our website! 

It looks like this:

It’s been three years since we’ve felt called to record. Three years of travelling coast to coast, playing for hundreds of churches, and writing sixty new songs. God has filled the well with both your and our stories. We have listened and transcribed those moments into beautiful new musical acts of worship. And paring those sixty down to twelve was also helped by you. After each performance we took notes…

Did they love “My Soul Is Spoken For”?  
Were they singing along on “Crown Him Lord Of All”?  
Were they moved by the faith filled challenges in “Where Are You Hiding Today"?

We've partnered with 3-time GMA Producer of the Year, Andy Horrocks. Andy brings his extraordinary heart for worship and his remarkable abilities, as well as a band of world class Christian musicians. We're also thrilled to welcome the voices and creativity of some incredible guest artists to this album! (Stay tuned for announcements about all our guest artists!)

God willing, we are two months away from our CD release date! We're still in the thick of the project, and each day, the vision for the album becomes clearer and more exciting.

In the beginning, we asked you to join us by choosing the songs.

Now, we ask you to come on board again!

As you can imagine, making a CD is far beyond the skills and resources of any two people. We often joke that "It takes a village to raise an album" and it's so true!

We have an amazing team of highly acclaimed, uniquely creative, and deeply spiritual musicians on this project. The "skills" part is well in hand!

We would love to have your help with the "resources" end of things.

Every few years, we self-fund a new CD. Our budgets generally range from $15,000 to $20,000 per album. For that season, not only are we paying all that money out in just a few months, but we're also committing hundreds of hours of our own unpaid time to the process.

Imagine buying a new car every few summers, but in addition to paying for the car in cash, you also need to take the time to build the car yourself.

It's kind of like that.

"Wow," I can hear you say, "That's kind of crazy!"

We get that, and yet, every few years, we do it again.


Because we LOVE what we do and we LOVE you! We love that you continue to show up for our concerts and worship services. We love that you listen to our CDs and give them as gifts. We want to keep creating beautiful and inspiring music for you to enjoy. We are so passionate about these songs and the messages they share - God's unconditional love and grace, walking through this life of faith, and finding light shining in the darkest places.

We have such exciting plans for this CD. We have songs that we want to release to radio. We have songs that are perfect for you to use in your church on Sunday morning. And, of course, we want this to be an inspiring and uplifting album for your CD player and iPod!

Great things happen when we all work together, and this is no exception.

We want you to be part of this new project! 
We need your help to get this CD made, so we can get it into the hands of those who need it most.

Would you please consider supporting our CD through our new webpage?

We've securing most of the funding ourselves, 
but our goal is to raise $3000 to help bring us over the finish line.

In gratitude for your support, we have lots of wonderful gifts, including copies of the new CD, our own photo calendar, house concerts, and even an espresso maker!

Please visit to read about the project, 
and how you can help in this new ministry venture.

Thank you!! 

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