Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The Blog Is Back!

We're back! After a hiatus during our Prairies Road Trip, we're back and blogging.

It's been an amazing season. Our first Prairies Road Trip was an incredible experience!

We spent 6 weeks driving over 7200 KM across 4 provinces. We sang in churches, colleges, cafes, and living rooms. We made many new friends, and had the unique pleasure of meeting people we'd only ever known on social media. We attended the inspiring GMA Week and we celebrated our GMA Covenant Award nominations. The entire tour was rich in blessings, and we are so grateful to everyone who supported us in any way. We can't wait to head west again in 2016!

You can see photos on our SITE and FACEBOOK page.

We've also moved into our new home in St. Catharines! We've already sung at two churches in the area, and we're excited to explore our new city. It'll take a while to unpack during this busy month, so we're seriously debating wrapping the piles of boxes in mini-lights to make them look festive...

And now, it's our favourite season of the year: Christmas! 

As our gift to you, we've decided to offer FREE SHIPPING* for all CDs!

This applies to any and all CDs purchased up til Christmas Eve.

Please visit our Store to purchase CDs & Christmas cards, 
or to download albums and mp3s.

We have lots of great Christmas events lined up this month. 
Stay tuned for more news, photos, and Christmas stories...

It's good to be back! 

*Free shipping within Canada. CDs only. A small surcharge will be added for international orders.

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