Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Worship Wednesdays - Prairies Road Trip Update!

A few months ago, we told you about our upcoming adventure:

6 weeks. 4 provinces. 7200+ kilometres. 

Our Prairies Road Trip tour route!

It's been a big challenge putting this all together. This will be our first time singing in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or Alberta. If you imagine it in terms of sales, that means 4 provinces worth of cold calls!

It's also been an incredibly encouraging season! 

  • We have lots of concerts confirmed, and many more awaiting confirmation.
  • We're planning events with other talented artists, including many people who will be part of GMA Week.
  • The Saskatchewan Anglican newspaper even wrote this great article for their September issue! 

The Saskatchewan Anglican, September 2015

If you're in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, or Alberta, 
we would love to sing for you this fall! 

We're booking concerts in churches, living rooms, and colleges. 
We're also teaching workshops on Songwriting and/or Worship Leading. 

Please Contact us for more info!

Thank you! 

Worship Wednesdays is a weekly series to encourage and equip worship leaders and songwriters.
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