Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Worship Wednesdays - 3 Priorities for 3 Days!

The calendar is not my friend right now. No matter how much I stare at it, it refuses to add any more days.

This Sunday - a mere 3 days away - we leave for our 5th East Coast Tour! 

Our first week will be all travel as we drive directly to Newfoundland. Our second week will be the East Coast Music Week, and all the excitement of the East Coast Music Award celebrations. From there, we kick off 7 weeks of concerts! So far, we have 20 events in 5 provinces, with several more awaiting confirmation.

We're tremendously excited, but WOW - there's still so much to do! I really need someone to invite a 10-day week...

Here are our top 3 priorities for the next 3 days:


9 weeks on the road requires guitars, sound system, hostess gifts, clothes for both winter & spring weather, and enough CDs for 20+ concerts. This week, we become master Jenga players, trying to squeeze all of that into one little SUV without the whole thing toppling over. I always hope the car will act like Mary Poppin's carpet bag - small on the outside with inexhaustible storage on the inside.


The first leg of our trip will entail 3000 KM of driving, plus a ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland. This past week, the ferry looked like this:

Yes, that's the Newfoundland ferry, stuck in the ice. Stuck for several days actually. So, we've planned our drive, but allowed for a few buffer days on the front end. We're watching weather reports and updating our GPS apps. We had our mechanic scour our car and make the appropriate repairs. We renewed our CAA membership. And of course, we're also adding in lots of...


We've been praying over this tour for months. We've prayed for the churches who are hosting our ministry, for all who are helping in the planning, and all who will attend. We've prayed for our East Coast Music Awards experience, that whatever we do there will be honouring to God. And as we approach the drive, we're praying for safe travels!

We would love for you to join us in prayer for this exciting adventure

If you live in the East Coast, we invite you to attend a concert, or consider hosting your own.

We invite you to join us on the journey by following our site and Facebook posts.

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Rodey G. Burt said...

May God give you journeying mercies all along your way. May His Sweet Spirit flow trough you at each concert venue, and may your souls be blessed as you bless others with this wonderful gift of Music Ministry that He has entrusted to you both!

Allison Lynn said...

Amen! Thank you so much for this prayer, Rodey :)