Sunday, January 18, 2015

Book Review: Yawning At Tigers, by Drew Dyck

Imagine for a moment that a Bengal tiger walked up your driveway. What would your reaction be? Fear? Apprehension? Would you call for help? After your initial shock, perhaps you'd even feel a sense of awe or wonder at the majesty before you.

In Yawning At Tigers, Drew Dyck suggests that we have minimized and tamed God to the point of ignoring his true greatness and power. What changes when we look at God's might, when we remember to fear God? Like many of us, I respond strongly to God's message of love, grace, and mercy, but the all-powerful God of Might can seem foreign, even frightening. I might find myself glossing over those particular Scripture passages. But through this book, I found myself reading the Bible with fresh eyes. The verses about God's powerful holiness stood out in a new way. I imagined the psalmist trembling as he tried to put into words the sheer awesomeness of God. Imagining that vastness squeezing into the tiny body of the Christ child suddenly changed the way I viewed the Christmas story. And imagine how it might shape your view of the cross and Easter morning...

And then we need to ask ourselves, "If we understand the greatness of God's might, how then does that affect the way we see the greatness of God's love?" In exploring the majesty of God, we are forced to re-examine both our relationship to God and the way we live our lives as people of faith. This book takes you on that journey. In a world that tries to dismiss God as powerless and irrelevant, Yawning At Tigers invites you to sit in awe of a God who truly deserves the name "Awesome."

The book concludes with a well structured Discussion Guide, complete with questions, actions, and Scripture study. The guide is appropriate for both groups and private study.

I really enjoyed Yawning At Tigers, and can honestly say it has affected my personal study and faith journey. If you get the chance, read it, take notes, and allow yourself to discover the holiness of God.

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