Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Worship Wednesdays - Our First Radio Single!

This week, we've taken a new step in our ministry - 
we've released our first single to radio!

Tonight, Everywhere Is Bethlehem is the title track of our brand new Christmas album, 
and perhaps one of our favourite cowrites.

You can hear a sample of the song HERE.

Last winter, I came home after a busy morning of teaching to hear Gerald's familiar words, "I started something new today." He played me a verse and a chorus:

There's a boy in the African desert
Who is watching the skies tonight
He knows that two thousand years ago
A child was born from the light
And his heart beholds that beautiful sight

Tonight, Everywhere is Bethlehem
Children are praying for peace and love 
And whispering ‘amen’
In their dreams they see the manger 
And the Saviour who Mary tends 
Tonight, Everywhere is Bethlehem

I fell in love with the moving imagery and the sweeping melody. I could picture this young boy with a look of wonder on his face. I imagined a warm breeze moving around him, and the stillness of the night.

I announced, "I love it. I can see the second verse. By the way, I'm cowriting this with you."

It's not the first time Gerald has heard me say these words. A smile crept across his face.

"What's your idea?"

My imagination leapt to the other side of the world. If "everywhere" was Bethlehem, then I wanted to show a completely opposite setting that would also be home to the hope of Christmas. I saw a young girl in a crowded urban setting...

There's a girl singing carols in Times Square 
Collecting spare change for the poor
She sings 'no crib for a bed'
To remind us what Christmas is for
And her voice rings out so sweet and so pure

Tonight, Everywhere is Bethlehem...

As we continued to work on the song, we wanted a way to bring the message of the first Bethlehem into our "everywhere" Bethlehem. We remembered the powerful message of the angels:

Do not be afraid. There is great news, for all the Earth. 
A child is born. He's Christ the Lord. Hope of the world.

With that, our song was complete. We decided it made a perfect duet, with Gerald singing the 'boy' verse and me singing the 'girl' verse. We created harmonies for the chorus and bridge. This summer, we brought the song into the studio to record. Denny Martin (Nashville) put together a wonderful track using acoustic instruments and lush strings. Carmon Barry (Toronto) painstakingly recorded our vocals to find the perfect mix of performance and emotion.

We're thrilled with the recording, but the best part is singing it live! We love seeing the smiles in the audience, and it's always an honour when someone wants to buy a whole CD because they've fallen in love with one particular song. And this Christmas, we get to share it with a whole new audience...

We're so excited about this new adventure. We believe passionately in the message of our songs, and in the power of having Christian music on the radio. We pray this radio exposure gives our music the chance to be heard by a broader audience.

We would love your support in getting Tonight, Everywhere Is Bethlehem out to a larger audience.

How can you help?

- Please call or email your local radio station to request our song.

- If you work in radio, please contact us for downloads.

- And finally, please keep Tonight, Everywhere Is Bethlehem in prayer, 
that it may reach hearts this Christmas season.

Thank you!!

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