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Worship Wednesdays - Synchronicity And The Power Of Prayer

Today we feature a special guest post by 
my husband and Infinitely More partner, 
Gerald Flemming:

Synchronicity And The Power Of Prayer

Sometimes we find ourselves in similar moments dealing with similar things.  Five years ago this week, as some of you already know, Allison and I were in a life changing accident with a tractor trailer.  To say it was an overwhelming time would be an understatement, because it changed the very core of who we are.  Every year around this time we celebrate this day, most years by having a Survive and Thrive party. This is where friends of ours are invited to celebrate all the things we all have survived and how we are currently thriving.  It’s basically a huge count your blessings day, on the other side of the calendar from Thanksgiving.  One of the interesting things about this time five years ago was that people from all over prayed for us.  They prayed that we would be okay.  They prayed that we wouldn’t be broken forever by the cataclysmic event.  They prayed with us and for us…

Flash forward five years and the power of prayer is being utilized again.  On the cusp of embarking on our first Prairies Road Trip tour both Allison and I became very sick.  The nasty little bug, whatever it is, has hit Allison far worse than it did me.   After several rough days, and a hospital visit where they had to put 3 bags of fluid back into her body, she has started the process of mending.

Like most good social media savvy Christians, posts were put up on Facebook to make people aware of the event and possible change of schedules.  And in the humble pains of an overwhelming situation we made a prayer request of our friends and family.  Within minutes the people who have known and supported our Ministry for years were taking moments out of their busy days, to shut out the noise and the furor of their own lives to pray for us … as we have done for others in the past.  It still overwhelms me that as a community we do this for each other.  I think there are very few gestures in the Christian faith that move me as much as knowing whole groups of people are praying for a single wrong to be righted, or simply to give strength at a moment where people or groups feel helpless and alone.

Anytime you are self employed, there are always extreme challenges to face.  When you are self employed in a life of ministry, the challenges, though amazingly exciting, can feel like great tests of resolve that are intended to mature us spiritually in some way.  After some sleepless nights and attempts to imagine what we could do to possibly work around things, we have come to the realization that we have no choice but to cancel our Prairies Road Trip tour.  It breaks our hearts to say that.  There just doesn’t seem to be any conceivable way to implement our plan here.  God’s plan is different for us at this point.  And we will spend time in the wisdom of that, knowing that his power working in us can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.

We have just finished the messy and unfortunate humiliation of phoning the Churches and concert venues to tell them that we, in fact, can’t make it this year, but to please keep us in mind for next year.  We’re of course hoping that what was a transitional moment for us this year will make what we’re capable of even stronger and more road worthy for next year.

Our focus now is getting Allison healthy.  The prayers have done wonders but there is still a ways to go.  And then we’ll start preparing for Nashville in mid June where we will be recording the instrumental tracks of our new Infinitely More CD.  We’ve been incredibly inspired and blessed over the last two years to have access to the profound moments in people’s faith walks.  These songs are a testament to their lives and we can’t wait to share them with you.


Next week, Allison will return with a post called 
Choosing the Songs.

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