Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Worship Wednesdays - Relaxing in the Storm...

Well, today's blog is receiving a last minute rewrite. Originally I had written:

"As you read this, we'll be on the road, driving home to Ontario..."

Now, I need to write:

"As you read this, we're still in St. Andrews, not knowing when we'll drive home to Ontario..."

All last week, the weather reports for this week's drive were perfectly clear. Then Monday morning, we awoke to a switch in the forecast. Snow, freezing rain, and storms were predicted for every stretch of our 3-province, 2 day drive home.

Much discussion, a little stress, and a few phone calls led to the decision to stay put until we could find a 2 day window of clear weather.

A little ironic that our arrival here in St. Andrews was also delayed by January storms!

As someone who loves making plans, changing them isn't always my strongpoint (anyone else want to testify?) But I'm learning to actually enjoy change, and find the blessings in a schedule thrown off course.

Here's how we're using this scheduling change to our advantage:

We're going to rest a little, after 2 months of intense work. 

Instead of a rushed day of prep before the drive, 
we're taking care of a few tasks a day, to enter the drive in a more relaxed state.

We're continuing to book concerts on our Prairies Road Trip concert tour. 

We're going to visit our favourite St. Andrews restaurants one more time. 

I'm moving next week's To Do List to this week, 
to knock down the list and give us more open time when we get home.

I'm going to watch TED talks, which remind me of the 
power of thinking and following through on great ideas.

This week, I encourage you to embrace change as it comes your way. 
Seek blessings in the chaos, and you'll find grace and peace in unexpected places.

We've just finished our season as Musicians in Residence at All Saints Church in beautiful St. Andrews By-The-Sea, New Brunswick. 
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