Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our Fireside Concert!

It's been weeks of prep and planning, and today was the day - our Fireside Concert!

Last night, all the furniture in our living room was cleared, and rearranged with rows of chairs and our sound system by the window.

This morning, we had a final soundcheck, shovelled the front walk, and put on the apple cider.

This afternoon, the house was filled with happy, smiling people, ready for an afternoon of music and stories by the fire.

I'm so happy with the day! We had people who know us well, and people who've never heard our music before. We debuted several new songs, and created new arrangements of old favourites. We had some great sing-along moments, and the puppies were thrilled to have so many people ready to cuddle them.

We weren't able to get video, but we've got some photos, and maybe a bit of audio. I've also written a draft of an article to help other artists self-produce their own house concerts. I'll share what I've got next week, but tonight, we're just sitting in the calm of the evening...

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