Sunday, June 24, 2012

Every Singer's Nightmare...

Over a week ago, I started to feel a tightness in my throat. I told myself I was just tired and needed to warm up a little more gently, but I was wrong. Before long, I had every singer's nightmare: a lost voice!

I fought it for days - keeping silent when I could, drinking herbal throat tea with honey, breathing through my nose - but it was no use.

By Wednesday night, I was silenced.

On Thursday, I had to cancel a class. I started communicating with Gerald by texting.

On Friday, we had to cancel my time in the studio. Gerald told me I was off the team for Sunday's Gathering service.

On Saturday, I listened as Gerald and Monika rehearsed for Sunday.

And today, I spent the afternoon in a glorious bath of self-pity. 

I was just so frustrated!!! Here we are, recording vocals for our CDs, and I have no voice!! Our schedule is so tight, and we've already been put behind with some technical stuff, and now, I'm completely useless.

So tonight, I sat in the pew while Gerald led worship for the Gathering.

I was tired, but I knew I needed to worship. I opened my hands, lifted my arms, and sang my heart-song to God. I prayed, and listened, and felt the spirit.

I had chosen the songs for the service last week. How was it that I planned "Be Still and Know"? Did God plant that in my heart because He knew I'd need to hear it tonight?

I can't say I'm happy that I'm still voiceless, but I can say this:

Refreshed by worship, encouraged by friends, loved by my husband, and loved by God - 
I feel at peace tonight.

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