Sunday, June 24, 2007

Indie Fest '07

This morning saw me and Gerald up at the crack of dawn. (Maybe not 'dawn' exactly, but close enough for my liking.) For today, we took part in our biggest Nashville gig to date - Indie Fest '07.

I found out about Indie Fest through my latest favourite place, The page advertised an all day Christian music festival featuring indie musicians. Since it was only a short drive from Nashville, I wrote and asked if they still had openings, and I was able to book Gerald and myself as a duo.

The buzz was all over Shoutlife about the festival, but, unfortunately, the audience was smaller than we all would have liked. Despite that, this was still a great event and an amazing day.

Gerald and I kicked off the day with a 40 minute set of mostly original music. After that, we were able to relax and enjoy the other acts, all of whom were incredible. This is the first time I've ever been on the same line-up as rock bands and a hip-hop artist. Shoutlife became real life as I got to meet many of my cyber friends face to face. The music was dynamic and spirit-filled, and the fellowship was awesome! At the end of the day, Gerald and I walked out with new friends, a future co-write, and a possible booking agent. And we were all honoured to bear witness to the surprise marriage proposal of Anthony to Kelly. I just met them, and I'm so excited for them already!

All in all, this was a blessed and wonderful day. We heard awesome testimonies, amazing songs, and great words of faith. And I think Gerald and I are finding something wonderful between us on stage. We sang together long before we were even dating, but lately, I think we're finding something new and unique in our music and message. I don't want to define it yet, but it's very exciting, and the response has been very good. We may have another gig tomorrow (we'll find out in the morning), and I'm just seeking opportunities to be on stage together.

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