Friday, December 08, 2006

NSAI Christmas Party!

I'm actually staying up late looking for a new church tonight. Not that I haven't liked the ones I've visited, but I still want to keep looking til I decide to settle on one. Put "episocopal church nashville" and "anglican church nashville" into Google to see what I'd get. There was more choice than I thought, and I think I may have found a good one to visit.

But on to the adventures of today...

This afternoon held a seemingly dull, but hugely important job. Today, we mailed my visa application back to Toronto. I dropped by ASCAP to pick up my final letter for the package, assembled my pile of documents, found a post office, and had it all sent back to Toronto. Praying it will be filed very soon! Whoo-hoo!

Tonight, we attended the NSAI Christmas Party. More whoo-hoo! They have a huge building, and it was just packed. I saw people with plates of food, but the crowd was so tight, we never actually found the tables hosting the food. Not to worry - we did find the bar!

Actually, the first person I saw was Ralph Murphy, who just wrote my letter for ASCAP! He remembered my face from this summer (people here are so good at that!), which was great cause I got to thank him in person for the letter.

The place was just crawling with people, so we grabbed a drink and just started talking to folks. We ran into some people we’d met already through the critique meeting, so that was cool. And we got to meet a few new people as well.

Don’t know how much legitimate networking was done, but we heard about some great restaurants, exchanged a few cards, and got an invitation to a songwriting party on Saturday.

All in all, a great way to spend an evening!

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