Thursday, August 03, 2006

Home at last!

I'm home! I'm home! My luggage is still in Atlanta, but I'm home!

I had a gorgeous little direct flight booked that would get me to Toronto in a mere 90 minutes. Unfortunately, even though I arrived at the airport on time, my plane did not. It was cancelled!

The lovely Air Canada dude informed me I could wait around 12 hours in the airport. I informed him that was not the best plan. He re-routed me through Atlanta. But guess what?

That was cancelled too!

In this case, it delayed just enough to mess up my connecting flight, so at the very last minute (truly not an exaggeration!) I was re-routed once again. I actually made a phone call that sounded like this:

"Hi, guess where I am?"
"No! Cincinnati!"
"Cincin...What the???"

Yes, I went through Cincinnati. Never been there before. Can't tell you anything more than they have a Starbucks and a MacDonalds. Stunning.

After a mere 11 hours of travel time, I made it home. As stated earlier, I am luggageless, but I am home and in one piece, and we must always be thankful for that.

I am also thankful that I was allowed to bring my guitar on the flight with me each time. It actually sat on the seat next to me! Imagine if I'd had to put it in with the luggage - It would be in Atlanta!

Everyone is happy to have me here, especially Sebastian. I'm glad to be here too, surrounded by love and good comfort. Home! *sigh*

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