Saturday, April 01, 2006

He knows already!

I've found myself in a number of discussions lately about God's version of time versus our version of time. It started a few weeks ago in our Passport to Easter discussion: If we have free will, how can God know everything we are going to do? We discussed this to great lengths, but none of the answers were satisfying to me. Then I found this quote from Clifford Longley, of "The Times" in London:

"If God lives in the eternal present, He hears all prayers simultaneously. Therefore He can appropriate a prayer from next week, and attach it to an event a month ago. Prayers said after the event can be heard before they are spoken and taken into account before the event."

I had to read this about six times before I could really start to understand it, but what a comfort it has become for me. It means that God knows all the needs and prayers I will ever have, or have ever have. (Bad English, but you know what I mean.) He is constantly listening to and answering my prayers. It may not be in my time, but that's okay because it is in His time, which is a completely different system. I think C.S. Lewis illustrates this wonderfully in the Narnia books. In his stories, London-time is as we know it, but when they go into Narnia, which is Aslan's country (Aslan, of course being God), time takes on a whole other meaning. A thousand years in Narnia can equal a week in our world.

And so it is in God's "world". He can hear my prayers today and attach them to the need I had last week. He knows what my prayers will be next month, and He's already working on a solution for them. What an awesome and comforting thought!

I'm facing some challenges these days as we prepare to bring our music to Nashville. Work is scare right now. Auditions are basically non-existent. And a class I was supposed to teach was cancelled. Unexpected expenses are coming up, my personal favourite being the night I went to visit a friend and my car was towed. (Parking signs in Toronto aren't always what they seem!)

I'm reminded of the warnings in the Bible about working for God. We are told that Satan hates it when we work for the glory of God. Well, I'm working harder and harder for God and, some days, I feel like Satan is upping his attack on me.

But I shall continue to fight the good fight. Fight the "God" fight. I'm praying constantly. My Passport to Easter journey is bringing me into daily contact with the Gospel of Matthew, and especially with the ever-beautiful Sermon on the Mount. I'm reading "Questions of Life" by Nicky Gumbel, the founder of the Alpha course. I am listening to gospel music and surrounding myself by supportive loving Christians.

If God wants me to change my mind about singing gospel music or moving to Nashville, that's fine. He can tell me. But I will not let Satan or any of his attacks hold me back.

So I'm praying for strength and energy and peace of mind. But what a comfort to know that God has already heard my prayers before they have even formed in my head! He is already working on a solution. I don't know how or when He will answers these prayers, but I don't need to worry. My prayers are heard. And God is in control of it all.

I lift my eyes and say, to everything He asks of me, "Yes, Lord!".

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wordhabit said...

Amen girl! Continue letting God be Lord. I'm glad you're able to see where Satan is working. Unfortunately, the more we walk with God, the harder Satan works. I guess you could take his attacks as a compliment :)

Take care of you!