Sunday, September 18, 2005

Prayers for music.

It's late and I'm teaching in the morning, but I guess I just want to throw a little prayer into the air.

I've finished harmonizing and editing Welcome to Bethlehem. It's been written out over two pages, like a convention song. And I've added a few new touches to the harmonies. Today, I filled out an application and submitted it into a Christmas carol writing contest. It's a choral contest, and I think my song will be unique in the competition. But we always know that unique doesn't always win.

My goal is simply to expose the song to more people and more musicians. But of course, the greatest exposure will come with a prize. So here's the Christian dilemma - Is is wrong to pray for a win?

Some will say that Christ wants us to have a successful life. Some will argue for modesty and humility. Some will say that if God is in this song, it will get out to people regardless of a win or a loss.

I guess, I'm just saying a prayer of thanks for the song itself. And a prayer that lots of people can hear it.

Okay..... But I'll be completely honest: It would be sooo exciting to win!

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