Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Nashville - Day 2

Another long and vibrant day.

First, I must make a comment on the food. Yes Mom, I'm eating lots and eating well, but food is different down here. I've never seen so much deep-fried food in my life! They deep-fry everything! Every meal is deep-fried! It's really quite incredible and oddly impressive. Also, at every meal, I need to ask someone, "What's that?". I've had okra, chicken-fried steak (which has nothing to do with chicken) and some breakfast thing that no one seemed to have a name for, but everyone knew what it was!

I think I'm finally learning how chords work! I have an awesome theory teacher named Jack Clark, and he's so passionate about theory and music composition. My brain was ringing by the end of today's class, but I think it's making sense.

I also had my first song-writing lesson today. We discussed some tools for the beginning song-writer, and then he gave me an assignment. I have to write a verse and chorus of lyrics for the next class. He's given me a very strict structure for rhyme and rhythm. My theme is "heaven". It's a practice song, so don't ask to see it. - Unless I do something brilliant and then I'll show everyone.

Tonight's concert was amazing - Ben Speer, Mike Allen, and Allison Durham Speer. I, of course, burned up my Visa buying cds.

I'm now off to bed. I don't know how I'm going to get used to these early mornings. My bedtime is now 11:00. Crazy!

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George Grosman said...

Good reading, Allison! Sounds like you're learning and absorbing a lot. Not sure I could take all the deep-fried stuff...do they deep fry Mars bars like they do in Scotland (for real!). The knowledge of chord structure and harmony is something that has always interested me - an amazingly fertile field of music study. Keep enjoying the Deep South and all your learning experiences

George G.