Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Word Awards

Last night, we attended The Word Awards! Celebrating 25 years of honouring Canadian Christian writers, the awards covered a full range of novels, articles, academia, children's literature, poetry and - our reason for attending - songwriting.

We were so excited this year when two, yes two, of Gerald's songs were nominated in the Song Lyrics category. Because this is a "writing" competition, as opposed to a "music" competition, the songwriters only submitted the lyric of the song.

Gerald submitted two songs, and both were nominated:

You Are... (as recorded on 'Infinitely More')
If They Knew It Was Me (not recorded yet, but performed in our concerts)

So last night, Mom, Dad, Gerald, and I got all dressed in our Sunday best and made our way to the awards gala. Gerald's category had 7 songs shortlisted (Gerald was the only writer with two), including a song by Canadian icon, Steve Bell. The challenge was that we knew Steve would win (which he did), but the wonderful thing is we can say, "Gerald was nominated against Steve Bell!"

We also got to bring home our awesome "Finalist" stickers to put on our 'Infinitely More' CDs! 

Snazzy, huh?

It was so inspiring to see all the different styles of writing being recognized, and to hear the inspiration behind some of the projects. I was reminded of the power of writing and sharing our stories, and it got me thinking about my own stories. Which have I told well? Which are still waiting to see the light of day?

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