Saturday, September 05, 2009

The Week in Review

Writing on a lazy Saturday afternoon from a sunny backyard in Southern Ontario. The puppy is wandering the garden looking for bugs, my plate of homemade cookies is now empty, and I don't have to be any where at any time. Life is good.

Last Sunday, Gerald and I returned to St. George's in Guelph for Dad's last Sunday as their interim minister. It was awesome to hear such amazing tributes to my Dad - not surprising, but still awesome. Gerald and I sang "On Eagle's Wings" during the sermon, and we debuted my new song, "Living Manna, Living Bread," just after communion. Both went really well, and they got a great response. After the service, a lot of the feedback was about the new song, so that just tickled me! We're going to do it again next week in Toronto, and Jenna has already asked if they can do it at Redeemer in Nashville.

I've started the process of signing up for CCLI. It's one of those things I've been meaning to do for a while, but never got around to it. Now that we have some flexibility in our time, I'm trying to lock down some of that stuff.

I've also started chiropractic treatment for my neck. I've had near-constant pain since the accident, and I really can't handle a lifetime of this. Must say - the adjustment was not nearly as "comfortable" as the doctor described - the cracking freaked me out and the Biofreeze made me smell like a cough drop - but I've seen the treatment help a lot of friends and family members, so I'm trusting in that.

Yesterday, I did an online cowrite. Perry and I did a first draft of "Streets of Gold" for a Song U challenge, but we knew it could be better. We met yesterday in a Song U online writing room. We could talk to each other through our mics, and we could also type ideas for us both to see. There was a whiteboard where you could type, post photos, and a bunch of other stuff I couldn't figure out. In the end, we completely rewrote the lyric. We have a bit of a break before we can meet again, so in the meantime, we'll see if the original melody will still work with the new lyric.

As I recently wrote in my article, "Lessons from a Symphony", Gerald and I have been in a time of deliberate rest. We're making the most of each day by enjoying good food, long walks, and the company of family and friends. On Tuesday, we'll get back to a more regular schedule of writing, singing, booking... but til then, it's company tonight, Ribfest tomorrow, and a Happy Labour Day to all!

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